Your Heart’s Health Matters

Did you know that the heart is the most hard-working organ in your body? That’s why it requires a massive amount of proper nutrition. Since it sustains almost all the necessary functions that your whole body does, you are obligated to give it tender loving care. So here are the things you should do.

Stop SmokingSmoking is an addiction, and a lot of people know that it’s not that easy to quit on it. But you have to. The excessive amount of chemicals from a single cigarette can cause a lot of damage that might last for an extensive period. However, if you are having issues on quitting seek for a piece of advice and speak with your health care provider.


Eat A Healthy Diet – The misconception about “eating healthy” is the idea of not eating anything at all. A lot of people conceptualized healthy diet as something that avoids eating junk foods and processed foods. They believe it’s about staying away from saturated and trans fat, sugar, salt, and cholesterol. Well, it’s not always like that. A healthy diet means consuming a well-balanced meal that contains all the nutrients and minerals which give the brain, body, and heart a boost.

Although you may feel that you don’t have time for leisure activities with looming deadlines, taking time to relieve stress helps you to feel refreshed, lets you think more clearly, and improves your mood, so you are less likely to overeat. — Melanie Greenberg Ph.D.

Watch Your Weight – Fats from the body causes excess weight. With that, it is susceptible to an increase in blood pressure. That’s due to the extra stain it gives in the heart muscle. So when the damage happens, the developing problems soon cause a stroke. Therefore, it’s essential to monitor your cholesterol levels and might as well choose to shed some pounds for heart and vascular advantage.


Negative emotions such as sadness, anxiety, and anger can hinder the ability of the heart to effectively pump blood and oxygen throughout the body, increasing the risk of heart disease. — Angela Grippo Ph.D.

Pump Your Heart – The best way to pump your heart and keep it on a good status is through exercise. It supports proper blood circulation that allows oxygen to reach the organ. The whole process of exercising will not only allow you to gain physical benefits but also receives emotional and mental balance as well. Consult a healthcare expert if you want to work on specific exercise routines.

Watch Out For Your Blood PressureHigh blood pressure automatically damages the blood vessels and the heart. That’s due to the coronary artery disease that leads to heart attack. The condition usually comes from the buildup of fats and too much cholesterol. Together with other substances, it slowly creates a blockage known as plague, and this slow process of artery malfunction is called atherosclerosis. So checking and monitoring your blood pressure is a must.

Niles and O’Donovan discovered that symptoms such as headache, stomach upset, back pain and shortness of breath increased exponentially in association with high stress and depression. — Rick Nauert PhD

Stop Stress – Stressing over things are bad for the heart. Because when there’s stress, it automatically increases emotional fatigue. From there, the alarming state of getting anxiety and depression soon take over. Instead of overthinking about negative stuff, might as well spend time with friends and family. You can exercise regularly, or make time for yourself every day. Just do whatever that makes you feel calm and relaxed.


Working on the things that are beneficial not only for your heart but also for the overall well-being as well allows you to have a more healthy life. So make sure you’re doing the right thing.


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