Find Out The Status Of Your Heart in The 2016 Los Angeles Heart Month

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Considering heart disease as one of the most leading diseases for both men and women, the 2016 Los Angeles Heart Month supports each individual to build a healthier choice in life. The whole month event also encourages both men and women of any age to know the status of their heart and prevent the risk of heart attack.

Simple Methods To Know The Status of Your Heart

Committing to better health also means giving attention to the condition of your heart. To check out its state, you can do the simple ways included below.


  1. Know your emotions because it’s one measure to find out how stress you may be. Being more aware of your emotions, you will observe the essence of doing a stress test.
  2. Monitor your weight, whether there is an increase or decrease. If you gained more pounds than your normal, it could proceed to heart failure.
  3. Check your blood pressure to see whether you have a normal rate of blood pumping in your arteries. Checking your blood pressure and recording it once in a while will let you know if you are at risk of hypertension or not.
  4. Performing a blood test could determine whether muscles in your heart are damaged or not. It can also measure your sodium, potassium, creatine, and cholesterol level.


Matters Of The Heart

Cardiovascular diseases can happen to anyone, whether you are male or female. It can also happen to people of any age. Whether you are young or old enough, you are still at risk of getting heart disease.

However, this could be prevented if and only if you make a healthier choice starting from your lifestyle up to your hobbies. Making an effort to protect your heart can keep you physically fit. Remember that through simple changes at your home can prohibit you from experiencing the symptoms. For example, instead of incorporating salt into your food, you can use spices as a substitute. Also, involving yourself in daily physical activities like Zumba or walking with your pet can strengthen your cardiovascular system.

Now, let us put our hearts together and spread awareness that heart health matters. Set as an example and be a reminder to everyone that protecting your heart from being damaged can be achieved through a healthy lifestyle.