Healthcare Reform – How is It Helpful?


Every individual must know the fundamental information about the healthcare system. It will not only allow people to use its benefit but also protect them from expensive mistakes of the system’s law. By understanding the requirements and options under its current policy, the chance of acquiring benefits and proper services becomes achievable. Let’s take a closer look at the advancement of healthcare and how it becomes beneficial for those who might need it.


Building upon the federal mental health parity act passed in 2008, the ACA is seen not as a breathtaking change of landscape for mental health treatment. But rather, the ACA is another important stepping stone to ensuring that Americans who need psychiatric treatment can have access to it. — 

The Advantages

  • The healthcare system systematically creates notable changes when it comes to the availability of its services. Its reform stands out due to its “no one can be turned down policy.” Meaning, any age, gender, ethnicity, statuses, and particular health condition will not matter. Any time they need help regardless of the things that separate them from other people is not going to be used against them. This policy helps a lot of individuals, especially those who are financially unfortunate. It allows them to get urgent healthcare assistance in times of need.
  • In the evolving reform of the healthcare system, the continued exclusions when it comes to specific health problems are still an issue. Fortunately, the current reform focuses more on providing services to people who need immediate assistance. Regardless of the individual’s condition, the implementation of “quick response” in an emergency becomes more prominent in today’s healthcare policy. The new set of rules somehow removes the gap between assisted and unassisted patients.


  • As the healthcare system continues to create a firm policy for both consumers and providers, it ends up creating more coverage than before. Meaning, health care services will not limit its scope to only one specific function but preferably takes care of the required field that belongs to the same assistance needed. Let’s say for example surgery. Aside from providing medical aid, they also take care of the recovery plan as well.

To the contrary, a lot of knowledgeable people (not just conservative critics) predict that access to care is going to be more difficult for our most vulnerable populations. That appears to have been the experience in Massachusetts, which President Obama cites as the model for the new federal reforms. — John C. Goodman Ph.D.

The Disadvantages

  • Since the healthcare system is now taking care of everything and are not allowed to turn down people who are in need, they will have to use a lot of their resources for that matter. So for them to recover from the outstanding amount of expenses, increasing up the cost of medical assistance becomes the solution. That is somehow an issue because not all individuals are financially capable of paying a large sum of money for medical services.
  • Though people positively accepted the benefits of the implementation of the “quick response” in an emergency, a problem to the system still occur. Since it requires prompt assistance, it disregards the networks that belong to the system. An example is whenever a doctor takes his time administering an operation in an emergency room; he will not be able to attend the other patient’s need immediately. That is the loophole of the “quick response” policy.
  • Although we can agree that there are benefits to much more extensive coverage, still there remains an impact. Due to the comprehensive coverage of health care services that are currently in use, there have been fewer choices of plans to consider.

Psychotherapists know all too well how difficult it is for people to change themselves and to accept change in their lives, even when they know that change is inevitable. — Stephen A. Diamond Ph.D.


Healthcare reform caters the need of the majority of people. Though the system is not perfect, at least it’s trying its best to become useful in many situations.


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