Keep Your Heart Emotionally Safe


In my life and in my practice, I have observed that many people are afraid of their emotions, especially feelings that make them uncomfortable or upset. — Moshe Ratson, MBA, MS, LMFT

Perhaps you understand that to be able to care for your heart; you have to become more emotionally stable. Yes, that is correct. As much as you appreciate the awareness of emotional struggle, you must manage to control the risk factors. Because sometimes, even if you think you are eating the right food, doing some exercise, and sleeping well, too much emotional instability can still make an impact on your heart’s health.

What You Can Do


Avoid Toxic People

One thing that you must put in mind is that the heart can only handle one or two adverse emotional pressure at a time. If you keep on surrounding yourself with toxic people, you are not only allowing mental damage, but you also tend to grow emotional burden as well. If that continues, both the emotional and mental dilemma can take a toll on your life, leaving you with mental illness and emotional discomfort. These are both unbeneficial to your overall development.

Find Reasons To Be Happy

It is considerably hard to do, but the effort in finding reasons to make you happy is important. Whatever you do, and no matter the situation is, always remember to look at things differently. Make sure you list the reasons for you to be happy more than the ones that make you lonely. Count all the blessings you receive instead of all the stress and life problems you have. Keep your heart away from sadness and allow positive energy to take in.

Approximately 15% of people with cardiovascular disease and up to 20% of people who have undergone coronary artery bypass graft surgery experience major depression. — Traci Stein, PhD, MPH

Never Expect Too Much

One thing that makes you emotionally unstable is when you try and expect too much. You need to stop doing it to be able to keep your heart safe from emotional pressure. There is nothing wrong with setting up expectations, though. However, it gets emotionally and mentally draining when the anticipation is too much. That is because there is an association of disappointment in there. Once you did not accomplish that particular result you wished to have, you ended up hurting everything inside your subconscious that affects your heart as well.

Do Not Overthink

Yes, part of keeping your heart safe and healthy is through taking an effort to keep your mind stable, as well. Both of them work hand in hand in promoting better overall growth and development. Therefore, the more you practice taking time in addressing mental issues, you are also unnoticing making progress is keeping your heart’s health more stable. Consequently, you need to avoid overthinking so that you can get the emotional stability that both the mind and heart deserve.

Patients reporting irrational health beliefs appear more likely to ignore medical evidence and are also less likely to follow recommended treatment. — Romeo Vitelli Ph.D.


Take Time To Relax

When we say relaxed, it is not just doing pleasurable stuff. It is more about keeping your body, mind, and soul calm and at peace. It is where you think about allowing yourself to gain awareness without putting too much pressure on wanting it. You can look for methods that fit your needs perfectly. Allow yourself to move away from stress and other factors that might negatively affect your mind and heart, as well.

Remember always to keep your heart healthy so you can live a better life.

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