Warning Signs Of Heart Failure

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With the entire environment’s toxicity, as well as the wrong lifestyle choices that we make, there is a tendency that we are destroying our overall health unintentionally. Sometimes, even if we thought we are regularly exercising, eating healthy foods, and taking our time to rest, it is not enough. Some factors affect our health no matter what we do. Unfortunately, aside from harming our mental health, the heart also receives negative pressure from our life choices. With that, it suffers significantly, so it sometimes gives us a hard time too. But when the time comes, it fails; it is going to be too late.

Heart Failure

Heart failure is one of the worst things that can happen to us. During that time, our heart appears to pump blood inefficiently. Therefore, it cannot supply the right amount that supports the body’s needs. In line with that, two things can happen. It is either our heart itself becomes weak, or there is a blockage on its lower left chamber. Both scenarios associate with the heart being unable to hold enough blood. Therefore, without proper pumping, a lot of fluids can buildup where it causes symptoms of heart failure. Let’s try to recognize some of those warning signs.

A diagnosis of chronic or congestive heart failure means that an individual must learn to live with a failing heart for the remainder of their life. In the past the diagnosis was often accompanied by a co-diagnosis of depression, a comorbidity that compromised outcomes. — Rick Nauert PhD

Signs And Symptoms

Edema usually appears in the hands, legs, feet, ankles, or abdomen. Often, people recognize it to be a reasonable thing to see in pregnant women. However, the condition can also become a cause of underlying heart failure. It relates to the damage of the heart due to the reason of having excess fluid that gets trapped in the body’s tissues.

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We should also consider our sudden weight gain. When too much weight gets added to our body in a short amount of time, it instantly causes an abnormal change in the heart muscle. Therefore, the heart’s structure and function change as well, and that leads to heart failure. With weight gain, the heart muscles tend to get thicker and bigger while its chambers become smaller.

Shortness of breath is another essential symptom, especially when we find that normal activities become hard to do. It sometimes connotes interrupted breathing whenever we are sitting in a particular position or lying down. It is where we get difficulty in breathing as well every time we experience persistent wheezing and coughing.

Some research suggests that negative emotions, such as anger or hostility, are associated with more irregular, less variable heart rates, while positive emotional states create smoother heart waves and more integration or “coherence” between the brain, autonomic nervous system, hormonal and immune systems. — Melanie Greenberg Ph.D.

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Sleep apnea can also be a sign of heart failure. It is a condition where there is a momentarily pause of breathing when sleeping. In some severe cases, the sudden pause breathing can happen more than thirty times per hour. It can become a cause of sudden atrial fibrillation and cardiac death.

People who experienced all three insomnia symptoms—difficulty falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep, and non-restorative sleep—had more than triple the risk of developing heart failure than those with no insomnia symptoms. People with all three insomnia symptoms also had significantly higher risk of heart failure than those with one or two symptoms of insomnia. — Michael J Breus Ph.D.

The inadequate blood flow from the heart also causes lightheadedness. In some unfortunate events, it causes fatigue, confusion, mental block, depression, and even fainting. In some cases, it also shows signs of nausea, rapid heart rate, and lack of appetite.

There are significant symptoms that we should not ignore. Let us put effort into seeking medical care once these signs become visible.

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