Matters Of The Heart


Some called it the 2019 Healthy Heart Summit because the theme was “Advancing Whole-Person Care Through a Collaborative System of Health Approach.” Yes, it was a summit, an event for allied and medical professionals. And I was one of them. I was one of the aspiring healthcare providers in that summit who wished to learn more about a collaborative system of health approach, and of course, the heart was one of the main topics. In our table, “heart” was the hottest topic.

Dr. Roxy, a colleague of mine from the Cardiology Department, blurted out, “How about matters of the heart when it comes to your special someone?” The table went silent for a few seconds, and Dr. Burt from Internal Medicine Department said, “Do we have that?” I asked, “Do we have what?” Dr. Jeanne, another cardiologist, said: “I think what Burt is saying here – do we have a love life?” We were stunned, and I am so sure that Dr. Lilly of Pediatrics gasped.


There were six of us seated in that round table, and we all looked at each other after Dr. Jeanne laid it out. I have a boyfriend for eight months now. Yes, it is quite new, and we just started sleeping during my days off. My schedule was so erratic for the past few months, and well, my man is a police officer. He understands. We are not in that deep zone yet, I believe, but I am fond of him, and we connect. We click.

The other doctors were either divorced or married but not happily, as I have gathered. It was a good thing we had a break when Dr. Roxy said the matters of the heart thing. But you know, she was right. We try to tend to people with physical ailments – what if their heart was injured too? I know for a fact that a scorned woman, with no existing medical problems, just die of a stroke. Later on, we found out that her husband of twenty-five years left her for a younger woman. Matters of the heart – it does affect our whole being.

We only stopped with the awkwardness when the event pressed on. What a lifesaver, literally.

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