The Heart And Mental Wellness


Everybody needs help from time to time. No one can handle all the emotional and psychological pain alone. Because if they try to, they always end up not surviving it. Sometimes, the only way to release the pain and suffering is through the number of possible ways available. But, for some people, it becomes worse than that. Most people don’t seem to know the balance between physical, emotional, and psychological well-being and that’s what makes it more complicated in treating mental illness.

The Heart And Brain

People are often told to keep the brain healthy because that is where mental illness takes place. However, they often ignore the fact that the emotional well being of a person is also a culprit. Every moment of every day, the heart is having a conversation with the brain. With all the field of energy surrounding it through the neurotransmitters that process it in return, there is a signal-sending to the brain from the heart. That is because the heart is 5000 times magnetically and bioelectrically stronger field of a generator in the body. It produces an electrical field that sets up the brain so it can start looking for ways to control the whole system of a person’s internal and external function. Therefore, it is clear to say that every time the heart feels dysfunctional, the brain gets easily affected. And from there, a mental condition begins to happen.

Positive emotions, such as happiness and pleasure, not only make us feel good but may also improve heart function. So it’s important to make a conscious effort to stay positive. — Angela Grippo Ph.D.


What people now know is a physical connection between the heart and the brain. It is more likely a working relation to keeping the overall well-being of a person. When there is a creation of thoughts, feelings, emotions, compassion, beliefs, we call of these things “experiences.” However, those things we emotionally understand are making changes to the stuff outside its scope. That’s due to the transmitted magnetic field coming from the heart to the brain. Whenever there are tons of emotions from to heart to be processed, the mind becomes incapable of handling everything in simultaneous ways. So from there, we can expect as mental misalignment and shutdown.

Researchers discovered participants with high levels of anxiety and depression were found to face 65 percent increased odds for a heart condition, 64 percent for stroke, 50 percent for high blood pressure and 87 for arthritis, compared to those without anxiety and depression. — Rick Nauert PhD

What we see and experience in the world we live in is a matter presented in front of us. It is here because of the existence of what we believe is “consciousness and intelligence.” However, the underline of the things we see and experience is its matrix and not intelligence or consciousness alone. Meaning, mental conditions are the results of the dysfunctional balance of not only the emotional and physical aspects but as well as the physical one too.

There was never an allowance of possibility that only the brain is responsible for the occurrence of mental conditions. Although in some cases, science tries to keep everything away from each other and tends to separate the effects of mental degradation to physical break down to emotional dysfunction. But since we now know that it is wrong, science pushes its way to incorporate physical and emotional structures as a source of psychological imbalance as well. But regarding a broader explanation, everything all goes down to one thing, and it is the heart’s contribution the all the emotional and mental problems we all acquire.

…it’s important to attend to sleep health even if we exercise and have a good diet, as the results controlled for these and other health variables. — Seth J. Gillihan Ph.D.


Overall help is available, and it is essential to access it whenever someone needs it. When wanting mental health, we should put away the stigma that treatment should only focus on one particular aspect of our well-being. So when we deal with anxiety, pressure, stress, depression, and all sorts of emotional changes, we will need a solution that provides comfort and structure. What makes it so significant in our lives is the idea that our mind and body inseparably work together as one.